Heating during the coldest day

Thanksgiving is always a travel headache where I live, plus this year was exception… Not only do you have crazy traffic plus old, slender highways that don’t leave a lot of options, however all of us also had severely freezing temperatures; The news that evening said it was the coldest day we’ve had in our state since 1879–that’s just ridiculous! It’s not even the first day of winter, plus already we’re all turning up our central furnaces to keep from freezing death. Throughout the drive, you would pass streets of rural homes plus smell the wood burning in their fireplaces as they tried to keep warm. I’m so lucky that where I go every year is always entirely toasty. That’s the bonus of going to visit your elders–they always get colder than you do, so you never have to ask them to turn up the thermostat… Once I had gotten beach home though, I had to rush inside plus turn up terrible aged dial thermostat just to get our apartment warming up again, my pet was curled up on our electric blanket, which even though it had been off for fifths was still warmer than the rest of the house. I ended up turning the electric blanket on high plus curling up underneath it with our pet on top of me, while he plus I waited for the electric oil furnace to slowly however surely get the apartment to a livable temperature. I believe I’m going to have to get a programmable thermostat or something in the next couple of weeks. This apartment takes way too long to heat back up, which is crazy because it’s not all that big.

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