Heating during the long cold winters

My father grew up in southern Africa & migrated into the states in the late sixties when she met our mother who was also raised under sizzling weather conditions.

Their professions took both of them to the polar opposite geographic conditions where winters were freezing & sizzling weather weeks were much shorter.

My mother constantly said they were meant to raise their family in a freezer however fate’s hand intervened & put them in a refrigerator. Thus our sister & I grew up in what we called the “refrigerator” however our sister acclimatized & Winter time was a natural fit. But not for me! Simply breathing freezing air at the beginning of Winter time when the winds blew from the arctic forewarns me of the hard season ahead. The nasty blizzards & frigid temperatures in waiting. Animals that live in freezing weather locations have natural means of making & maintaining body heat. For example body fat, sleek skin, feathers, scales, & sleek surfaces when they are wet. I don’t suppose how our sister gets her body heat or resilience to the cold. For me, I care only about man-made heating environments while in the winter. I can control the precise amount or intensity of heat as I wish. I can have it concentrated in selected areas or distribute it in larger swaths. I can choose what medium that the heat passes through & I can select which type of heat based on cost & efficiency. When I’m cold, I suppose slow, sleepy, & very lethargic, however after a cup of hot root beer or a brief stint near a heat source, I suppose more vibrant & ready to go. Indeed, I’m most productive & ecstatic while in sizzling weeks – not as much as while in the winter! My sister is the opposite so in a way all of us complement each other. Still, I really do envy him for I can only function in a heated car, room, or enclosure while in the wintertime.

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