Heating in the homes

A couple of years back when I when wholesaling properties, we came across this beautiful old house that an older lady was ready to sell.  While walking through the home I noticed radiators were being used to heat the home. This is typical in older homes where steam heat systems would heat the home instead of the current forced air heat from your traditional HVAC system.  A system like this can be very cost effective when it comes to your heating bill, and there are people who will not put any other heating system in their homes. Yes, there are some people who refuse to put a forced air heat HVAC system on their homes.  Reason being, radiator heat works great to where they hold the house to the exact temperature the thermostats are set on. Also with radiator heating, depending on how the system is installed, valves can be placed in the basement to allow you to manually adjust the amount of water going through a certain radiator.  An example of how this could be helpful is saying you are having a winter storm and the wind is blowing harder on one side of the house, making it colder. To rectify this all you would have to do is turn up the valves for those radiators increasing the heat. By having an option like this you have much more control of the heating of your home better.  The reason you notice most homes now are equipped with forced air HVAC systems is that they are cheaper to install. Your typical HVAC system runs roughly $12-$15k for full installation. A typical installation cost for radiated heat can run roughly $20-$30k depending on the size of the house and the boiler system you decide to go with.