Heating relief

When my mom graduated from college we were all really proud of her.  I can still recall the day she announced, at the age of fifty, that she was going back to school.  I myself was in my Junior year at the university and all I could think about was having my mom on campus would be weird.  She struggled at first with trying to keep up with school, work, and our family. She would come home late at night and have trouble sleeping.  This was because she was sore from having to do so much during the day. She worked on her feet, as a waitress, and then went to the school to sit through hours of lectures.  All of this was taking a toll on her physically. My dad came up with a plan to help her relax and feel better after her long days. He contacted a local spa to ask them the best way to relax muscles and they suggested that he install a sauna or steam room so that my mom could get the relaxing benefits of heat before going to bed.  He liked the idea and figured he could surprise her with it. He set about building it in the garage so she wouldn’t see it. The hardest part of the whole process was hooking up the additional plumbing from the boiler to the sauna. We already had a system that could supply the hot water to heat the unit but my dad had no way of doing that.  The HVAC dealer said that it could be added as an additional zone so that the unit could be heated to whatever temperature we wanted without affecting the rest of the house. Mom was so surprised when the final project was revealed. She went in every night just before bed and it helped her get through the rest of her years of school.

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