Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair thanks to weirdo

There’s typically 1 weirdo, isn’t there? Without fail, every venue I seem to go typically has that 1 odd person, but in our town, that guy is Steve. He seems normal from a distance, however when talking to him, you realize he is actually quite strange; For starters, he has an obsession with people’s eyebrows. If you talk to him long enough, he will often try to reach out plus pet your eyebrows, then as if it couldn’t get much stranger, he has a odd activity of staring at the sky plus stars, sounds normal right? It is until you find out that he is only doing that to see if the aliens will come to abduct him so he can go plus visit Mars. I don’t actually mind Steve all that much, he does him plus I’ll do me. It wasn’t until he left a immense dent on the side of our a/c plan that I had a problem with him. I heard a big WHACK 1 day plus ran out to see Steve running away with a big pole in his hand plus the big dent in our a/c unit. I caught up to him plus asked what the heck was he doing?! He told myself and others he killed an imposter fly, that the fly wasn’t entirely a fly. I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond, plus knew I wasn’t going to get him to respond so I just went back home. It wasn’t until I was at beach condo that I wondered how he managed to get in our backyard, over our 6 ft privacy fence in a matter of hours… Thankfully I was able to get the dent out using a dent remover that is used for cars, I avoided Steve after that.

a/c worker