Heavy air conditions

My roommate Kevin is a big pipe guy. Kevin enjoys making pipes, but he smokes them in the house. The pipe habit is not an awful 1, it is better than actual cigarettes, however, the activity does ruin our home’s air quality, but when Kevin makes his pipes, he is sanding wood mainly. The debris not only gets all over the floor, but the HVAC program sucks it up. I consistently know when Kevin had made pipes. The air filter in the HVAC is yucky, the ductwork has a layer of dust around the outside in addition to I can’t stop sneezing. The dust air quality is circulated around the house in addition to every room in the house has a layer of grime. It is a toss up on what is worse though, making pipes is awful for the air quality, but smoking the pipes are awful too. The actual odor is quite nice, but it is tobacco still. I don’t want to be around 2nd hand smoke. Kevin is such a nice guy that I don’t want to ban him from smoking or making pipes in the house though. I am hoping that if I get an air cleaner everything will be better. The air cleaner is meant to scrub in addition to purify air conditions. It can remove odors in addition to also stop dust from accumulating in the HVAC. I am hopeful I will never have to say anything to Kevin. I am hopeful the air cleaner does the task at hand. I need the odors to be gone though in addition to the dust to no longer go in the ductworks or HVAC.