Helping my brother

My brother and I have always been undoubtedly close. Since the we were kids the two of us were inseparable–that holds true even now. We’re only 2 years apart in age, and the two of us have a lot in common… Movies, athletic activities, food, you name it, the two of us actually appreciate the same things. Then one of the best things about having a sibling around is that there is always someone to help out in a time of need. For instance, a few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to install a whole home air purifier onto my heating and A/C unit! The employee at the hardware store told me that it would be an easy job, however I have no faith in myself when it comes to now working with my appliances. My brother was willing to come over in addition to getting the air purifier ready to go. On top of that, he cleaned my coils and even changed the air filter; I recognize he knows how forgetful I can be when it comes to these things, so he took the initiative to help me out. I think he did all of this because he knows how terrible my allergy symptom problems can be. The better the air quality in my house, the better health I am usually in. Immediately after he left, I noticed that I was breathing much easier. Not everyone has someone like my brother who is always willing to go out of their way to help, so I consider myself lucky to have such a superb brother! Without him, I’d actually be miserable with pollen allergy symptom problems, in addition to I wouldn’t even realize why.

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