Helping my dad install a new toilet

I was working in my home office the other day when I got a call from my dad. He sounded slightly worried, and when I asked him what was wrong, he told me he picked up a pressure-assist toilet for him and my mom to use at home. I said that was awesome, and he said he thought it would be, too. Only problem is, my dad foolishly thought he could install it all on his own. Having been a plumber before I finished my college degree, I figured he’d want my assistance in the install. So, I collected some of my old tools and made my way to my first house. There, I saw my mom and dad waving from the front window, smiling as they knew their son was coming to the rescue! When I walked into the bathroom where the toilet was being installed, I saw that my dad already checked to see if there was even enough water coming from the supply line to make the toilet functional, and there was. Well, from here it was pretty straight forward. First we had to get the wax seal ready on the bottom of the toilet, then flip the toilet over and affix it to the ground with nuts, bolts and the wax seal itself. Once we got the toilet in place, we attached the tank as well, careful to make sure it went on level and balanced. We had the water supply line connected to the toilet, and before proceeding, we tested out the flush. Man, that thing flushed with incredible force! My dad was quick to thank me for my help, and said he believed he had it from here. I wasn’t so sure, so I offered to stay and supervise. All he had to do was put the toilet seat on, but he didn’t know that, so I enjoyed watching him look at the toilet for half an hour wondering what else to do.

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