HEPA filter rumor

There has been a lot said about HEPA air filters, about what they can do and not do.

Some people say that by having HEPA air filters, you don’t need to clean your air ducts plus vents as much.

I was not sure if this was certain. Although I have tried HEPA air filters plus found that they were pretty superb in cleaning the air quality, I did notice the air felt fresher. I observed that I do have to buy new air filters every few weeks though. I am thinking it is an untrue rumor with these types of air filters. This rumor is all based on things I plus several other people have read up on the internet. I have looked at a lot of advice posts where people just talk. You can not believe what you study on the internet as fact. The internet is a superb location to find all kinds of stuff on heating plus cooling equipment though. First, check to see if it is true… Most of the time, what you read on the internet is an opinion or taken from someone else’s mouth. I then decided to call up my city heating plus cooling system dealership plus ask to speak to 1 of their highly trained reps. I wanted to ask a licensed heating plus cooling expert on this whole theory from the internet. They were not happy to talk for free to start with. Also, you buy HEPA air filters from the hardware store, not from them; Finally, the guy only wanted to sell me HVAC duct cleaning.

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