He’s onto the next hobby already

My sibling John has always been one of those overly ambitious men who jumps around from one thing to another.

It’s been just like this with his job life, however it’s been even more so with his hobbies! He never seems to stick with one single thing for genuinely long at all & he wastes so much money on his unusual hobbies each year.

Anyway, his latest activity is beekeeping. He watched a documentary about going out and starting a beekeeping residential services & honey farms a few months ago & I feel like it genuinely got his attention. He l received quite a bit about beekeeping & honey production from this particular documentary & so that’s when he decided that of course he wanted to try his hand at beekeeping. When John first told myself and a few others about his newest interest, I just rolled our eyes & thought that this definitely was just one more thing that he was going to be wasting time & money on for a while. I know that beekeeping supplies aren’t cheap, & so I asked him how he was planning on personally financing all of this stuff that he was planning on doing. He said that he was just easily going to take out a loan & then he was going to start a honey bee rescue. Then, he was planning on selling local honey as a way to make money & to finance his new bee activity. I hope that absolutely is the case & he doesn’t just waste a small fortune of cash on the pipe dream of a genuinely working honey farm. It’s always difficult to tell.