Hidden woes

On the surface, many things can seem like smooth sailing.  I am the type person who seems to see the world through rose colored glasses to begin with so I am surprised when the unexpected happens.  I guess I shouldn’t be because life often throws us surprises, good and bad, on a constant basis. Thankfully it has been more good than bad over the years.  This last surprise definitely fell into the bad column though. I was hanging out with friends one night in my living room when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise followed by smoke coming out of the air vents. Of course, our first reaction was to clear out of the house and call the fire department.  I was scared to death and the thought of losing my entire home to fire was devastating. We watched and waited but thankfully we didn’t see any flames. The emergency crews showed up and checked it out. They came back out and told me that the smoke was caused by a build up pet hair and dust in my filter.  Thankfully it only smoked and did not catch fire. The loud noise was a small combustion that had come from the system when it overheated. A built in safety switch had turned the system off. I was so relieved and immediately called the HVAC dealer to have a technician out. I didn’t even care about the extra fee, I just wanted it fixed and my house safe.  I guess I should have paid more attention to the maintenance on my system rather than assuming that everything was fine. All I do, as a rule, is turn the thermostat up and down. That will be changing here on out for sure.