Hiding in nice ac

A bunch of us mothers who volunteer at the school, have become good friends over the years. Over the last month, we have been making plans to take the kids to the zoo as soon as school was over.  We thought it would be a great outing for them. The last couple of weeks had been consistently in the sixties and seventies, and we thought we were going to have an amazing day for our outing. The night before we were to go, we were all starting to second guess our decision.  We were all on the phone talking back and forth, when we heard the weather report. They were calling for temperatures in the nineties, with humidity levels to match. I thought maybe we should wait for another day to go, but we all knew how upset the kids would be. We decided to leave it up to them.  The next morning, we loaded all of the kids into the cars and we headed to the zoo. It was a miserable day, and all we mothers were longing for was a bit of air conditioning. I loved it when they wanted to go into the exhibit rooms. There was refreshing air conditioning blowing throughout and we were all finally comfortable.  The kids didn’t seem to mind the weather, but we parents were miserable. When the kids tired, we were so grateful, that we actually cheered. There was a blast of heat when we opened our doors, but air conditioning was soon blasting out its frigid greeting. While the kids all slept, we listened to our soothing music and enjoyed the bliss of quiet and air conditioning.

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