High quality products in low places

For the past year or so, my partner and I have made a tradition of waking up each saturday and going to garage sales around the city. We have always loved buying used items, and over this year we have found some very interesting items. Just last week we stumbled on a garage sale that had a wide variety of items. They had things ranging from old bikes, to golf clubs, to old air conditioning units. As soon as my partner laid his eyes on one of the air conditioning units, I knew that I was not going to be able to talk him out of buying it. The previous owner told us only nice things about the a/c unit as we were buying it. He went so far as to say that it would make the air conditioning unit that we have installed at our house right now look foolish. After we got home and began to install the new a/c unit, I was getting a bit worried. I had a feeling that the friendly salesman at the garage sale wasn’t being very honest about the quality of the unit. When we finally had the installation completed and the air conditioner began running, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the air coming out of the unit cool and clean, but it was almost totally silent! I guess that my partner was right and that I was just being stressed out for no reason. Only time will tell how long the unit will last us, but I sure am glad that my partner and I took up the hobby of garage sale shopping each weekend!

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