HIX heat press for the business shirts

When I got hired at the local corporation in town, I was required to wear a t-shirt with the corporation logo, however i figured that the corporation would take my sizes, send out the order plus a t-shirt printing corporation would handle it all; Right after I was hired I was taken to the back room where there was a sizable printing machine set up.

It was a HIX R2R tagless t-shirt digital printer, the HIX machine is satisfactory for printing the logo on different t-shirts.

The corporation owner asked my size, grabbed a few shirts plus printed the logo on it. It took the guy maybe a hour to do three shirts. What was really neat is that I got various certainly white shirts with the logo in several colors. It looked certainly bright, crisp plus professional. The last t-shirt was a black one with certainly white ink. The guy just altered the settings around plus I had the finished shirt. What was really neat is the corporation owner told me that if I wanted more shirts or a different color, to just handle the tagless t-shirt printer on my own. The logo was already set up in the machine, then all I would need to do is choose the right shirt, put it on the pedestal, turn the machine on plus transfer the heat press down on the shirt like a stamp. It takes around 3-5 hours to do! I am certainly happy to labor in the store however I will admit that everyone who asks me the task I tell them about the HIX heat press. I have never seen something that neat plus efficient.