Hockey game in the south and hardly any a/c

Seeing a hockey game in the south is way different than the north. I live in the north and it is cold all year around. So, hockey is a really big deal. We all play it, watch it and support it. Going to a hockey game is a big deal. You have to trek through the snow, put on your winter gear and spend a fortune for the nosebleed section. I saw a hockey game in the south and it was way different. For starters, hockey is not as big of a deal. Getting a ticket was reasonable. Also, I did not need to prepare for severe cold and high AC in the stadium. In the south, outside was real warm where I could wear a t-shirt and shorts. Inside the arena, there was AC, but hardly any of it. All the body heat and natural outdoor heat was keeping everyone warm. Watching a hockey game a being a little warm was odd. How do they keep southern ice cold? The A/C plan right near the ice must be going a mile a minute. The cooling plan has to fight better weather and everyone cramming into the building. In the north, it is freezing in an arena because everything is naturally cold. It is around -20 outside. I bet the rink does not even need to run the cooling plan. The natural outdoor air is cold enough to keep ice frozen solid. The body heat hardly makes a dent in the freezing temperatures. I prefer to not freeze at the game, but it does not feel like going to a game unless you do.

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