Holiday shopping bust heating equipment

My friends and I look forward to holiday shopping each year. We bundle up in our warmest jackets and gloves, and make our way to the mall. The mall usually has a few great doorbusters on Black Friday. My friends and I save our money for a few months, so we have plenty of funds for our shopping expedition. Carol and I can shop all day, but Amanda barely lasts four hours. We usually drop her off at home, before we hit Walmart, Target, or Kohl’s. Most of the stores at the mall opened at 8 a.m. We were there at 6, and there was already a huge line to go into the mall. The outdoor temperature was 15 degrees. We were wearing our parkas and heavy gloves, and I was still cold. When the mall finally opened at half past 7, large groups of people crashed through the doors. The temperature inside the mall wasn’t much warmer than outside. There was a large sign on the main kiosk. The sign stated that the mall heating equipment was not working. None of the stores or main parts of the mall would be warm. My friends and I did not let the lack of heating equipment deter us much. We hit as many stores as we could, before Amanda was ready to leave. Shortly after lunch, the heating equipment was repaired. We could finally remove our jackets and gloves and get comfortable. Carol and I finished more holiday shopping in the afternoon, and we didn’t hit any heating equipment snags the rest of the day. I found a lot of great deals, including a new gaming system for my son.

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