Home Gym In My Garage Is Looking Good

So now that my gym is going to be closed for I don’t know how long, I am looking into making my own home gym! I have looked up dumbells, and benches, and jump rope and other stuff that gyms usually have.

It is not going to be cheap, but it looks like I might not have any other option any time soon. I think I am going to set it up in my garage. But my garage has no HVAC system, so I am looking into doing a ductless mini split or maybe a ductless multi split. Or I could just get a load of fans. Or maybe a window A/C unit, as my garage does have a window. In the winter I could have a space heater. There are alot of options. The garage is really the only realistic place to put the gym though. I am going to plan for a year round gym though, not just worry about the cooling system. That is because the way things are going with the news I can imagine gyms being closed down again some time in the near future. So I want to have a heating system or my garage gym too. I know that if it is too cold I just will not want to use my gym in the winter. In reality I do not have a lot of room in my garage. I will just have to park my car outside. On really sunny days I will just move my gym to the side and park my car indoors for the hottest part of the day I guess.

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