Hoping for the rain to stop

I know that some people don’t want rain in the Summer because it tends to ruin their plans or it causes a lot of humidity.

I like it when it rains in the summer.

The rain cleans the dust from the air, plus it cools the ground off, even if just for a little while. I do not care for the humidity plus the humidity is typically worse right before it rains. Sometimes, I want to believe the humidity rising so I know that every one of us will have a thunder shower that day. I stay inside the up-to-date home throughout most of the summer. I have my air conditioning running to keep myself and others cool plus to keep the humidity from getting into the house. Without the air conditioning, there is no way I could survive the summer. I want to be cool plus comfortable, plus not be sizzling plus sticky all the time. When it is raining, I turn off the air conditioning plus open the windows wide, so I can believe the cooling of the rain. I can odor the freshness of the earth as it soaks up the water. I know that a lot of the odor is the dust that is settling, however it is dust that I don’t need to put up with for awhile. So, I stand in the house, plus I have the AC running consistently, until it rains. I know that the air conditioning will be on for ninety percent of the time during the summer. All of us don’t get a lot of rain once Summer respectfully begins. All of us do use a lot of air conditioning. In the meantime, I wait for the rain to fall so I get a reprieve from the AC plus the humidity.

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