Hoping to get the air conditioner checked out

I knew it was insanely important to have a periodic tune-up performed on any car. In fact, I actually learned that hastily when I was just a kid. It was important information that my parents relayed to my older brother and myself. They told us both about the importance of respected motor vehicle service. They expressed the importance of annual oil changes, regular tire pressure checks, and even semi-regular tune-ups. Sadly, during all that time, my parents never told either of us about needing to perform the same tune ups on home cooling systems. I didn’t get to find out this information until I had my own issues in my very own home. I was having some ongoing issues with the indoor air conditions throughout, with some of the varying rooms feeling cooler than others. I decided to consult with a local cooling system service company. They proposed that I consider having a full tune up on the central cooling system components. They cleaned the drain line, which was filled with green pieces of algae and smelled terrible. They cleaned the coils inside of the cooling system as well. Although they didn’t seem too dirty, that was included in the tune-up. They also changed the old dusty air filter. It was covered in clumps of matted dust and pet hair; it’s seriously no wonder I had very little air flow in the whole house. The cooling system mechanic proposed having the air filter changed much more frequently. He gave me an extra air filter for the next six weeks, and a special card with the measurements written on the back for the future… Before he left, the cooling system was working noticeably better. I could actually feel cool air everywhere in the whole house. The cooling system mechanic suggested having the tune-up performed every spring year after year.

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