Hoping to set up the a/c right

I am working on swapping out my old windows for new ones, 4 windows at a time. That will help us with energy saving tips, since the newer windows are much more energy efficient.  My window upgrades will take us at least a full year to complete since I won’t be changing out all the windows at the same time. After this process is complete, I will be saving even more on my utility bill since the newer windows will not be leaking or allowing so much sun to come into my house.  I realize that my cooled air, was escaping through those leaks and the whole situation is causing my Heating, Ventilation and A/C system to overwork. I had a chimney sweep come by the other day and he upgraded the chimney damper for the fireplace, as well. It seems that this all summer, my cool air has been going right up my chimney and leaving my house.  I will, continue to use the fireplace in the winter to help heat my home. While it is this time of year, I’m glad to rely on my a/c to keep my family cool. I set my temperature control at my my favorite temperature, and it works forus for the summer. It is getting more overpriced to keep the a/c on daily, so I am determined to get my home into a more energy efficient mode.   That will require the guidance of a professional Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider.

window cooling