Hospitals use Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems to keep germs at bay

My sibling was constantly in and out of the hospital when the people I was with and I were growing up.

  • Maybe that’s why I hate hospitals so much.

They bring back memories of worry and sickness. My sibling has recovered and moved on with her life however now, even as an adult, I think a chill up my spine whenever I walk through the hospital doors. I might be just getting blood drawn however I get goosebumps and think erie as soon as those doors close. I thought it was a psychological thing until I was talking to a buddy about it, and she’s a dentist and she said that this chilly feeling I think is not all in my head. She said there are strong a/cs that the hospitals use near the door. The a/cs keep the germs down and they are also area of a negative pressure system that works to blow the air out of the door so that outside air cannot enter the building… Of course, they do have strong air purification systems that also labor to keep the germs and dust at minimum. Now I finally understand where I get goosebumps whenever I enter hospital. It turns out that it’s not just me, it’s particularly their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system blowing on me. This supply me a little bit of solace. I now think that this chilly feeling I think is there to keep me, and others safe. I think I’m not mentally ill after all. I just wish I had known about the hospital’s a/c earlier. It would have saved me a lot of worry.

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