Hot house

Have you ever had 15 children in a single room after they have played outside in the intense Summer heat? There is nothing quite like having those 15 children overheated after spending a couple hours playing out in the intense Summer sun… Here in the South the Summer sun gets incredibly hot & the temperatures can reach up in the 90’s. One Summer while I was working with children that’s what happened except there was no cool location to retreat to. The Air Conditioner & Heater appliance stopped working at the Summer camp I worked at while every one of us were outside & the children were working up a real sweat. It was time to go inside, get a drink, cool off, & spend some time doing some more relaxing activities… When every one of us got inside & headed to the room it was not cool in the slightest, it was totally hot! Once every one of us got into the room I opened a window & called the supervisor… She informed me the entire Heating as well as A/C appliance had stopped working so the whole building was as hot as our room. Instead of making the children stay in the building while the cooling appliance worker came & repaired the Air Conditioner & Heater appliance I took the children back outside. At least there was a pleasant breeze that afternoon as every one of us waited for the cooling appliance to be fixed. I kept the children outside the rest of the afternoon. I absolutely dreaded the next morning as every one of us would be spending the morning in the heat with no kind of relief in a cool building. I arrived that next morning & to my surprise the building was easily nice & cool. The Heating as well as A/C appliance worker had repaired the problem. That afternoon the children decided to do something nice for the tech & drew pictures along with writing thank you notes. It was a very pleasant afternoon!

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