Hot sleepover

The other weekend, my kids were invited over to a friend’s for a sleepover, it was the first time they were invited… My spouse and I drove them over to their friend, Bob’s house after school and dropped them off. After an hour or 2, Brian my son texted to ask us to come get them. I texted back to find out if everything was okay, but he said it was hot and he was irritated. I call Bob’s mom on the phone. I asked if things were fine, and Bob’s mom said the air conditioner was broken. It’s no wonder he was hot and complaining. I asked the mom if there was anything I could do to help, but she said there was nothing, she already called the air conditioner repair service, then they were on the way, but it was still going to take some time for the repair. I talked to Brian on the phone, and he still wanted to come back home. Since it was the first sleepover, I decided to go get Brian. My other kid wanted to stay, and that was great with us. By the we had arrived to get Brian, there was an air conditioner repair van in the driveway. The problem was almost fixed when we arrived, and I could already feel cold air coming down from the air conditioner vents. My spouse and I took him aside, and asked if he wanted to stay… He was feeling much better, since the air conditioner was repaired. He decided to stay overnight. My hubby and I enjoyed a cup of pop with the mom, before heading back to our own house for the evening.

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