Hotel being covered

Two nights ago my son woke myself and others up plus told myself and others he was cold. It was then that I realized that it entirely was chilly in the house. I got up to check on the furnace plus discovered that it was not working. No matter how much I messed with the thermostat, it would not kick on. I used our emergency space gas furnace in my living room plus my son plus I camped out however it was still rather frigid, first thing in the day I called our landlord plus he called out a furnace repairman right away. Unfortunately, the furnace fix was going to take a few days because there were parts that needed to be ordered, then since every one of us are modern to the area, I entirely didn’t have anybody my son plus I could stay will so I decided to rent a hotel. That’s when it dawned on me, my renter’s insurance covers hotels if every one of us can’t stay in our lake house for some reason. Would they cover us if every one of us don’t have heat? I called up my representative plus found out that they do in fact cover the hotel costs while my furnace is being repaired. They paid for a hotel down the street plus my son plus I moved in. The gas furnace works great here. This whole thing is kind of aggravating however every one of us have decided to treat it prefer a mini getaway… Besides, soon enough the gas furnace will be working again in our lake house plus every one of us can move back in. In the meantime, have free lunch plus a freshly made bed every night is not bad.

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