Hottest summer on record

This has been the hottest summer on record. I say “on record” as if I checked the actual facts of the matter, but really the local newsman just said it was the hottest summer on record, and I decided just to take his word for it rather than go look it up. I’ve lived here my whole life, and it has never felt hotter to me, for what that’s worth. I remember as a kid I used to spend the whole summer outdoors playing with my friends from sunup to sundown. These days I try to stay indoors at all times, it’s just too hot out there. I wonder how I had such fun back in the day without the comfort of air conditioning to keep me relaxed. Maybe it wasn’t nearly as hot back then, or maybe kids are just more resilient and don’t need A/C as much as grownups do. I have two kids of my own, and they seem to be just as addicted to staying in the cooling as I am. I have given them both the same speech over and over, about how kids shouldn’t need AC and should be out playing. But it’s an empty threat, because honestly it is so hot out there kicking my kids out of air conditioning even for a few hours seems like child cruelty to me. I know that a lack of proper air conditioning does not constitute real child abuse, but on the other hand you all don’t understand how dang hot it is out there!

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