How difficult

I am so sick plus tired of being told that I am from the entitled generation.  I most undoubtedly do not feel entitled to anything, I feel better than that.  I had a particularly rough childhood.  I was raised by a single mother plus I had seven younger siblings I was in charge of raising while our mother went out with her friends, partied, occasionally worked but mostly lived off of survivor benefits.  Growing up, I felt love for life was hopeless I that would never be able to achieve our dreams because I was basically saddled with raising our siblings with particularly little help from my mother.  As a teenager in school. I realized that I needed a college education just so I wouldn’t turn out like my neglecting mother.  I worked strenuous all through school, college plus nursing school.  I am currently in a place where I move out of our mother’s home now that my youngest sibling will be leaving for college in the fall.  I make unbelievable money at the local hospital working at on the labor plus delivery floor.  I have toured nine apartments that are all at the low range of budget, but so far none of them have air conditioning and I want me an apartment with an air conditioning system.  I have been chewed out by three different property owners for passing on their apartments just because there was no air conditioning included.  One of them even called me an entitled brat.  I am not entitled.  I am looking for our first apartment plus I had to task undoubtedly strenuous to get to where I am.  I don’t see why it’s a concern if I pass on an apartment just because of the lack of A/C.

heat and AC