How do they do it?

I don’t understand those people who make it their careers to travel the world. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see different places as much as the next guy, but traveling is so exhausting! Most of the time by an end of a trip, I look forward to getting home and relaxing in my house. Most of the places that I have traveled to are in the northern area of the globe, so I have had to deal with very chilly temperatures. You would think that some of these places I ended up staying would have some decent heated gas furnaces and some proper insulation, right? Well in my case, this has not been true. For some reason I will never know, all of the hotels and hostels that I stay at during my travels don’t have any radiant heated flooring, nor state of the art heated gas furnaces. It’s not that I even stay at cheap hotels either. I like comfort, so I am usually willing to spend some extra money to have some amenities such as heated flooring and some fresh sheets. The only time that I was comfortable on a trip was during christmas time last year when I went to visit my parents, but they live in the south so it is not very hard to stay warm down there. I think that I might need to send an email to some of these travel experts that I see on the internet, because clearly they are doing something on their trips to stay warm and comfortable that I am missing.

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