How I Adored The Air Conditioning At The Carnival

About thirty more than four years ago or so, back when I was a teenager, myself and others & my friends used to go to the yearly carnival that they had in the city.

This carnival would happen right at the start of every Summer.

I had only wished they did it in the Springtime or Fall too because of the heat sometimes that time of the year, however all of us would play all the games, go on rides, eat the great unhealthy food & all the correct stuff of a carnival… However, when it was entirely sizzling outside, the thing I appreciated most was going to this one fast food locale they had set up in doors that had the best a/c ever! I appreciated walking through the door, feeling that ultra cool a/c & smelling the scent of the grease in the air, along with the brisk of cool air quality from that undoubtedly nice they had installed in that little food joint. When you are covered in sweat from it being so sizzling outside, there is nothing like feeling a/c. When I look back at it this week, it is kind of a nostalgic thing! Every time these afternoons that I walk into someplace that has lovely a/c, after being outside in the heat for hours, I get that cheerful memory of the afternoons going to the carnival with my friends way back in the nice aged afternoons. If I could relive those afternoons, I would go back in a heartbeat, however life back then was so much better & easier.



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