How I can keep lizards warm with no heater

Our state sent out a statement saying that the power would be turned off for two days while they repair the power lines.

Normally I would not be so upset, except that it’s the middle of winter.

However, our state doesn’t get too cold but I do have a substantial collection of cold-blooded animals in addition to they need unique temperatures in addition to heating to live. It’s not possible for me to be able to move such a substantial amount of reptiles to a friend’s house. I had to locate a way that I could keep them warm for the two days in our own house. So that’s when I discovered battery operated space heaters. This sort of space heater can be put in a vehicle battery charger, or something similar to that. In addition, it can keep my cold blooded critters warm for at least a few hours. I believe these battery operated heaters are mainly designed for camping, or use inside of a car, but I’m sure it will do the job just dandy. I just need to make sure that our vehicle battery jumper is fully charged before the two days start, and also, I’ll make sure not to feed the reptiles a few days before the two days starts. I will do this so they don’t get sick. I will also make sure to switch on the furnace in the whole house, in the hours leading up to the power short. This might keep the cold blooded animals, in addition to the whole house, nice in addition to warm for a few hours before I genuinely have to use the battery operated heater.



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