How I care for our evaporator coil

Most of our friends are always cheerful to while away their summer time weekends at our arena, but at first, I thought their love for our arena resulted from our moderate hospitality until one of our friends pointed out how cool our indoor a/c is.

According to him, our cooling system had the right cooling effect on him so much so that he would rather spend most of his weekends at our arena than in his own arena.

That is when I realized that their liking for our arena had nothing to do with our kind welcoming gestures. However, what our friends did not think was our simple evaporator care maintenance regimen that kept our Heating plus Air Conditioning system at its optimum performance. Ordinarily, both the evaporator plus condenser coils need to be cleaned frequently to operate as designed plus retain their optimum energy efficiency. When left uninspected, an evaporator coil will accumulate dirt plus experience a number of problems including higher energy consumption, higher temperature plus pressure, excruciating cooling capacity plus faulty heat absorption, ice-build up plus frost. Even a thin layer of dirt on the evaporator coil reduces the system’s efficiency because it acts as an insulator which prevents the evaporator coils from absorbing a lot of heat as it would when it is clean. The Cooling equipment will have to run for long seconds to cool your home. Given that the refrigerant in the dirty evaporator coil does not absorb as much heat from your indoor space, it causes the water vapor to freeze instead of liquefying. In severe cases, the entire evaporator coil frosts. If the frost-ridden coil is left uninspected for long, it increases the temperature of the compressor risking a total system failure. Therefore, proper cleaning of the cooling system is substantial.

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