How I run my heating and cooling warehouse

Running a heating and cooling warehouse is not as easy as one might think.

I used to work in a heating and cooling warehouse, and I enjoyed it very much. I really liked getting to put the furnaces and air conditioners in their correct spots, and going through a daily inspection to make sure the HVAC units were working properly. Later I went to college and learned how to fix air conditioners and furnaces. After college I came back to the same heating and cooling warehouse to work. Since I now knew how to fix HVAC units, I was put in the HVAC shop where they would send the dysfunctional central air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and any other HVAC unit that wasn’t working properly in the heating and cooling warehouse. I did this job for six years before getting promoted to head manager. As a head manager, I was still working on central air conditioners and air purifiers and so forth on a daily basis, but I also had a boat load of paperwork to go through and jobs to delegate. I basically ran the entire heating and cooling warehouse on my own and it was exhausting. I also had the job of interviewing and hiring new HVAC technicians, as well as dealing with new customers. I organized purchasing of new heating and cooling equipment, and made sure we got good quality equipment. I soon became overwhelmed with my responsibilities, so I made some new positions of management and hired some professional HVC technicians to help me out. It has taken a lot of work, but managing a heating and cooling warehouse is possible.

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