How odd climates in the US can impact the heating & cooling situation.

As all people know, the classic Beach Boys song that heaped praise on East Coast Girls, Southern Girls, Mid-Western farmer’s daughters, & of course the Northern Girls had lyrics with a preference for the West Coast Girls.

By the mid-1960s the west was unquestionably the “in” place to live & a magnet for young people everywhere.

This week, in the world of Heating & A/C, the west coast manages to remain a single of nature’s best natural AC systems, especially in areas where residents are kept very cool in the summer time by the sea fog that rolls in from the Pacific Ocean officially & can get restrained by inland hills. Over those hills, it may reach 105°F however it rarely gets above 66° F in that special area just off the coast. For a nice number of homes, all they need is a very small gas heating system for those frigid summer time days. Other areas in the United States are not as lucky. The East Coast weather will be tempered a bit by the Atlantic Ocean however will need a Heating & A/C plan for cold temperatures & hot humid summers. Inland and mid-western states face a similar situation with the snowy “Lake Effect” & very hot humid summers. The Southern States will be less cold, however the Heating & A/C must be able to cool down the house year-round. Summers in northern states can get hot however any Heating & A/C plans in the higher latitudes will need to do battle with average Winter time temperatures that average from 0° to 15°. If you can’t get a Northern girl there to keep you sizzling at night, stop listening to those Beach Boys & play some Three Dog Night.



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