how our HVAC looks

Right after my fiance took my child and I home, every one of us sat on the front porch of the apartment building and every one of us had a long chat.  He asked what Shelly thought of his new home and I told him she thought it was so warm and comfortable. He was surprised at the answer and I took him in and showed him our control unit.  He couldn’t find the lockbox and said it was against the law. I just smiled and said it wasn’t against the law, and every one of us had already survived it for over two years. He gave me a hug and he said every one of us didn’t have to survive it for much longer. I had never asked him what he did for a living, however he told me that he was a HVAC corporation.  He was having a conversation about the HVAC units he had helped to install. He even designed the HVAC idea for his own house. He caught me off guard me with how passionate he was about his work. I had never heard talk so freely about his job. He said that he became a bit of a bore when he began to talk about HVAC. He avoided the subject, especially on dates, due to the fact he would often turn all of the women off.  I was genuinely enjoying our conversation, and it was nearly 4AM when every one of us looked at the clock. We sat there for a couple hours longer before he asked if I was going to say yeah to his proposal. I told him that Susan had already given him our answer. She liked his heat far better than what we have.

HVAC technician