How will I get through this?

Just thinking about enduring a horrible late summer heat without air-conditioning makes me cringe.  A lot of people may not realize the cost of repairing their HVAC System. It can really be a huge hit to the bank account.  But more than that, it can be detrimental to people who are elderly and ill. The best defense you can to have is an air conditioner repair warranty in place.  However, if this is not feasible, then watching for warning signs is going to be your next defense. The easiest to spot is any unusual noises that may be coming from your cooling systems outside unit.  Maybe you’ll notice some ticking, or banging against the metal. This is definitely a reason to call out your HVAC technician right away before the problem gets any worse. Also, be sure to check and see if your air conditioning is blowing out cool air.  If it’s cool and not cold, you may be running low on freon. Doesn’t mean your cooling system is falling apart, but it may cost you more in your electric bill! It’s always a good idea to call your air conditioning technician at least twice a year for a tune-up.  One in the springtime before the summer heat starts kicking in, and one in the fall before you switch the unit over and start using your heater. The cost to repair an HVAC unit could cost hundreds even thousands of dollars depending on the situation. It’s better to be prepared and pay attention to your HVAC unit before it burns a hole in your pocket or possibly even worse…  It shuts down altogether.

heater tune-up