Humidity control is big part of HVAC function

I know that when I think about the HVAC in my house, all I’m thinking about is the cooling comfort it provides our home.

This is primarily due to the fact that our area gets blasted with heat for four months of the year.

Those four summer months end up being a bit withering and would be so much harder without great HVAC. There really isn’t too much winter. Our region gets cool and sometimes has several cold snaps. But, it’s not like anything they get up north. I still mostly drink my coffee on the deck in shorts and a hoodie during the winter. No, the big deal for our weather is the summer and those four months. The HVAC cooling comes on about mid March and stays on through most of October. However the four months of summer combine near triple digit heat with very intense humidity. Thankfully for us, there is the HVAC heat pump. This versatile machine takes care of cooling the house down. But this isn’t the only thing it does. In fact cooling is only half the mission of the HVAC heat pump. A huge part of the program is balancing the humidity. No, I don’t have to employ a big dehumidifier in my home. The HVAC takes care of this for me. The humidity balancing is a byproduct of the HVAC pulling the moisture out of the air as it removes warm air from the house. I don’t even have to think about it because the HVAC takes care of the humidity on its own!

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