Hurricane causes debris in outside HVAC unit – no power

I live in an area of the country that gets really bad storms during hurricane season each year. The typical hurricane season is from June to November and we are always waiting to see if a storm is going to start brewing out in the ocean. While we wait to see if a storm is going to come it is really important that we prepare for any possible power outages or situations that might occur. My dad was always really good about having food and water in storage that we can use just incase. I took this quality from my dad and I am always making sure that I am ready incase of an emergency. Last week I saw on the news that a storm was brewing out in the ocean and it was going to make landfall this weekend. I didn’t need to rush to the store because I already had all the water, batteries, gas and food we would need down  in the basement. However, I wasn’t expecting the aftermath to be quite so bad. During the storm we lost power and the HVAC system shut off. I expected that our heating and cooling system wasn’t going to be working during the storm, but I thought it would come back on right after and that was not the case. Debris got caught in our outdoor unit and it was causing the HVAC system to not work properly even after the power came back on. I was worried and called our local HVAC company to come over just to be safe.

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