Hurting Ears

I really hate being sick. And this winter, it seems like all of my kids and I have been sick for weeks at a time. There always seems to be some flu bug or virus going around and we keep on catching them! I can’t stand the sniffling and sneezing and coughing and aching. Right now, I have an earache, and if you’ve ever had one of those, then you know that it’s the worst pain! It makes you feel just terrible. Plus I have a fever to go along with it. The only thing that actually makes the earache feel any better at all is when I turn my digital programmable thermostat all the way up as hot as it will go. When the oil furnace kicks in and the super hot air coming blowing through the heating ducts, I like to rest my head right next to the heating ducts and let the hot air blow into my ear. It’s almost immediate relief for my earache! I guess I’m probably spending a lot of money on my heating bills this winter because I keep the thermostat turned up so high. But honestly, if the heating system can give us a little bit of relief from all of this sickness, then I’m willing to pay all of the extra utility bills! Yesterday I went to the doctor and got some medicine but I told him that the only thing that helps my ear is the warm air from the furnace. He looked at me funny and asked why I didn’t just use a hair dryer to blow into my ear instead of running up my heating bills.