Husband sleeps with space heater on his side of the bed

Unfortunately, my husband recently had a warning from his doctor about keeping his heart healthy

The older I get, the more I wonder if marriage is a realistic institution these days. Back in prehistoric times and throughout most of human history, it made sense that people fired up and spent their lives together. Frankly, they only had 10 or 20 years to worry about. These days, you’re looking at 60 or 80 years with somebody. If you ask me, that sounds completely miserable. Maybe this is just my jaded opinion after a few years of a difficult marriage. When my husband and I first got together, I thought that we were a match made in heaven. Now, I think that we were paired together for eternal suffering. It’s not that either of us as a bad person, just that we are very different. Even the simple things in life, like setting the thermostat, become huge issues in our house. My husband is always a million degrees too warm, and I am always freezing cold. When we try to establish an indoor air temperature starting for the central heating and cooling system, it often turns into a week-long battle. We have completely different needs and perspectives when it comes to our energy usage. The one time of day that we used to get along was when night would settle. Then, I also want the air temperature to be much lower in the house. For many years, this was our respite from endless battling with each other over the thermostat settings. Unfortunately, my husband recently had a warning from his doctor about keeping his heart healthy. Apparently, he needs warmer temperatures at night for easy circulation. Now, we have no common ground when it comes to HVAC settings. Every night, I’m sleeping with the window open while he has a space heater next to the bed.

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