HVAC and Apples

Did you know that when you own an apple orchard, you have to be really careful about the HVAC system that you choose to use in your apple storage facility? I had no idea how important the temperature and the humidity levels were when it comes to the storage of apples, but apparently it’s tantamount to being able to keep nice fresh apples year round. I learned a whole lot about the importance of heating and air conditioning, along with temperature control, climate control, and air purification systems when I went to visit a local apple orchard earlier this week. The apple orchard is owned by a family, and the grandfather and patriarch of the family was kind enough to give me and my kids a tour of the whole facility. When my kids started asking him all kinds of questions about the apple storage rooms, he was kind enough to take the time to answer all of them. One of the things they asked about were all of the dials and knobs and thermostat dials that were installed on the exterior of all of the apple storage room doors. He explained about the importance of keeping certain apples at certain temperatures during different times of the year. He said that the thermostats and dials were essential in making sure that the facility’s heating and air conditioning stayed at the right levels inside the rooms. Otherwise, their apple crops stored inside the rooms would go bad and they’d lose entire rooms full of apples. Who knew that you needed quality HVAC for something as simple as apples?

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