HVAC and customer service

When I was a teenager, my grandfather owned a heating and cooling company. During the summer time, I took a job at his heating and cooling company as the customer service rep for all HVAC appointments, HVAC repair set ups and HVAC emergency service dispatch. Another thing I took care of as a customer care rep for my grandfather’s heating and cooling company was complaints! You would think, since my grandfather ran a pretty tight ship so to speak, there would be little to no customer complaints. But, I can tell you how wrong that thought was. About 50% of the phone calls I got were all customers complaining about the dumbest things. Things like their heating and cooling specialist did not change out their air filter for them, the heating and cooling specialist forgot to close the front door when they were leaving…and get this one, I will always remember this one moron that called and complained saying the heating and cooling specialist coughed once and spread germs around his house! I am not kidding on that one! It was something I did working as the customer service rep for the HVAC company for two summers in a row. After that, I honestly had enough and told my grandfather I was quitting, but thanking him for the job. Funny enough, today, I am a certified heating and cooling contractor. I run my own business, and I deal with those same complaints. It is funny how ironic life can throw things at you and follow you, isn’t it? I think it is for sure! Really crazy if you ask me!

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