HVAC being knocked off

I used to live in a nasty neighborhood. The crime rate was off the charts and these gang members would always steal, rob and cause problems around the neighborhood. One time, they messed with my stuff. But no, they did not rob me, bust my windows or hot wire my car. They tore up my HVAC system! These little hoods took blunt instruments to my outside HVAC unit and totalled it! To make it even worse, they poured liquid inside the grates of the HVAC unit as well. I could not believe it! When I got home and found this out, I had never been so angry in all my life! But, the only thing I could do was call the police and report that these rotten criminals had utterly destroyed my HVAC unit! They took the report, then I called my favorite HVAC guys to see if anything could be repaired. They sent out a technician to take a look. He immediately said that it was so bad, I needed the HVAC unit replaced! I needed to get out of there. I have since left that house and moved to a better neighborhood. I rent my home, so that way the HVAC system was included! I’ve had no incidents with hoods for four years now. I did hear those fools were caught and are now serving five years in a juvie detention center.

HVAC technician