HVAC being upgraded

My mom and dad have been living in the same place for the last 23 years. It’s been over 10 years since they upgraded their  Heating and Air Conditioning unit. Lately, I’ve noticed a slight problem with the indoor air quality of their home. My brothers and I visit our parents every Wednesday night, to have dinner and play cards. The last couple of Wednesdays have been slightly uncomfortable, because the temperature outside is turning warmer.  Ever since Spring first arrived, we’ve had a record number of super hot days. I’m sure a lot of people would blame global warming, but I doubt that is the problem. Last Wednesday, my brothers and I went to our parents’ home for dinner. My mom made meatloaf and homemade bread. She had been cooking most of the morning, with the oven running, by the we showed up for dinner, the house was hot and humid. The air felt moist and clammy, even we  turned down the setting on the thermostat. The air conditioner couldn’t provide ideal comfortable. I told my mom and dad that they should consider an upgrade the Air Conditioning unit. My mom responded they had talked about it with a local HVAC professional just recently. They had an appointment for the following week for an evaluation of the existing Air Conditioning unit. I was surprised to hear this, because I assumed mom and dad would wait until the ancient Air Conditioning completely quit to do anything about it. I hope mom and dad will spend the money  for a quality and energy efficient Air Conditioning unit. It will improve the indoor air quality and comfort while saving them money every month.

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