HVAC by a touch screen

My fiance is all about being digital. He is highly connected and he has every app that he thinks makes life easier to manage. He reads a lot of reviews trying to stay new on all the latest smart life products. I, myself, on the other hand, I have significant trouble working the remote control and finding the Netflix account! Whenever I have any digital lifestyle need, I can consistently count on him to help me out with my troubles.

I think why we work well is that we live a pretty easy life and we adore keeping things that way! A few weeks back, we were talking at lunch about simplifying things in our apartment even more. Both of us had watched some programming about minimalism and were completely inspired by the simplicity. My fiance knew that by upgrading to a smarter home,we would be able to stay on a minimalistic path toward our goal. He was telling myself and others about all the smart mechanics integrated into appliances as well as smart applications that can be tied into the home. Items such our heating as well as air conditioner unit, refrigerator, lighting, etc. What I thought the coolest one was that we could even control the temperature of our house simply by using our cell phones if we were away from the house. This appeals to the easy lifestyle that we already adore as well as most importantly, the cost savings that comes along with having a smarter home.

One heavy energy consumer that could be so much more efficient is our Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system in our home. There is no need to heat or cool our home  without anyone inside. A smart temperature control was unquestionably our first smart house purchase. Both of us are looking forward to expanding our smart house with the different products that are available.

thermostat set up