HVAC can’t be repaired

My husband is a menace when it comes to a caulking gun.  He carries it with him everywhere. He stopped at the store for me the other day.  He forgot half of what I wanted, but he had a bag full of caulk. Every fall, he goes on a mission to get rid of the small breezes he thinks he feels.  He carries his caulk gun everywhere, and he is on a mission. He wants to seal every little crack that he sees. He has caulk all around the windows and the doors.  He went up on the roof the other day. He caulked around the chimney and the exhaust pipes. This really wouldn’t be so bad, if he weren’t so messy. The caulk ends up all over and it look like we had a flock of geese with diarrhea fly over. I stopped him when I saw him taking off the outlet covers so he could put caulk on the underside and stop any drafts there.  I don’t think our house is so old that it should have drafts. My thoughts are that we need a new furnace. Our furnace was original when the house was built in the late seventies. This means the furnace is almost forty years old. We need a new furnace, but he doesn’t want to hear. I don’t know how many hints I can throw at him. I put the furnace papers on his chair and in the bathroom, but they went into the fireplace.  I hope he comes to the conclusion that we need a furnace, before it is too late, or we go broke from buying caulk.

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