HVAC Course

My friend Mark had a terrible time trying to decide what he wanted to do for a living when he first got out of college. He went to school for an English degree, but he really just wanted to write on the side, just as a hobby, so he wanted something else as a career to try and keep the bills paid until he got his first bestseller on the top of the bestseller list! Well, he tried a lot of different things as far as work goes, but then he happened across this article in the local paper about this heating and air conditioning certification class that was being held at our community college. The ad really caught his eye for some reason, and he signed up for the HVAC class at the college. To his surprise, he really loved learning all about heating, air conditioning, furnaces, ventilation, radiant flooring, and air purification systems. He thought that the HVAC class was the most interesting thing ever, and he told me that he wished he had gone to a community college for that certification course instead of spending four years at the university racking up debt for an English degree! Now Mark is working part-time at our local heating and cooling company and he’s also writing his novel on the side. He says that he still likes writing, but for some reason, doing HVAC work is very fulfilling to him. Plus, the best part about it is that it pays the bills! I’m glad Mark just happened to read that article about the HVAC certification course!

HVAC update