HVAC duct cleaning job

Not very long ago, I was trying to explain to my wifey the entire plan with our Heating plus A/C machine. Before the two of us got into the Winter months, I wanted to have the oil furnace tuned up. I also planned to get the HVAC duct cleaned out so the two of us would have great air quality before the Winter season arrived. She didn’t know what the HVAC duct cleaning had to do with the air quality, plus I explained that by removing all that dirt plus debris, the air would be a whole lot cleaner for us. The two of us wouldn’t have to be breathing in all that unclean stuff in the HVAC duct pretty much. She didn’t genuinely understand what I was trying to say plus said she didn’t know anything about Heating plus A/C machine stuff. I just wanted her to be aware of the plan moving forward because I wanted her to be involved in the budget planning, plus this was going to cost a huge amount of money. She said she would just trust me to take care of everything that needed to be done. So I had a Heating plus A/C service professional come out plus handle the Heating plus A/C machine tune-up. He did a fabulous task of cleaning out the inner workings of the Heating plus A/C machine. He also handled the HVAC duct cleaning which I thought was great. I easily couldn’t believe the before plus after pictures. The HVAC duct was seriously bad. I even showed the pictures to my wifey plus she was totally shocked at the dirty appearance of the before picture. She was glad that I made the choice to take care of this so the two of us would have great air quality for the approaching cold season.