HVAC ducts being fixed up

I have this adorable little dwelling that I bought right after my divorce back in 2003. That means I have owned it for fifteen years… However, I have only resided in it for several years. For the last seven years or so, I have been renting the place out. I would rather live in it to be honest, but it is so far from my place of work that I do not know for certain if I could stand the commute! Where I rent now, I am only twelve minutes from my place of work. If I moved into that house, I would be forty minutes from my place of work. Anyway, the plan as it stands right now is that I will move back into my dwelling when I am ready to retire. I am always having some sort of drawback at that little house. It has a crawl area underneath, and that is where all the air conditioner ductwork can be found. A long while ago, a few wild critters got under there and into the crawl space. They proceeded to tear up our HVAC duct. I didn’t really even know until I noticed that our air conditioner appliance was running always but the dwelling was never cool enough. I called in the Heating, Ventilation & A/C technicians, and that is when I was able to learn of our HVAC duct drawback. I needed to completely upgrade the HVAC duct because they tore it up in many sections, not just a single little section of the ducts. I assumed the critters were wild critters something like raccoons. When I put some traps under the dwelling, I discovered that the critters were feral cats! Wild cats are actually street smart, let me tell you. They continue to work their way back under our dwelling, and somehow those feral cats have destroyed our HVAC duct again! I hate to have to kill them, however I am going to have to do something because I cannot afford to be always facing extravagant air conditioner component bills and HVAC duct upgradement all of the time.

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