HVAC equipment refurbished

A lot of people can’t fix a simple piece of machinery. It’s strange really, because a lot of household appliances can be easily fixed with a screwdriver. When I was a kid, my dad taught me how to fix everything. I spent all day watching him work in the shed. He had a beautiful tool shed made out of old cypress trees. He carved the wood doors and added all the finishing touches. My Dad worked on the shed during his time in the military. When he was on leave, he was constantly engulfed in the project. After My dad retired from the Army, he decided to stay home and fix old machines. My dad had a few customers locally, and he also took jobs that no one else wanted. Eventually, my dad and I started a repair business together. That small repair business turned into a large mechanical contracting company. We have several different divisions, but our busiest is the HVAC division. We have six different HVAC franchises in the state, and all of them have four star ratings. The HVAC division has more than 200 employees. My dad and I started out repairing old lawn mowers and toasters, and now we have a multimillion-dollar business. The HVAC business makes the most money by far, but we also have a lucrative Plumbing branch and heavy equipment repair division. I’m proud of our work, and we are well known throughout our community. We still service the same residential and commercial accounts from twenty years ago. We offer unbeatable prices and a price match guarantee on every HVAC repair and installation job.