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 I always loved traveling.  I found a lot of enjoyment in seeing new lands and tasting new food.  I met so many nice people and got to experience different cultures. I always had a great time, but the nicest part was always coming home.  When I was in a country that were less fortunate than where we live, I appreciated being home. There were times when I felt blessed and wanted to kiss the ground when we landed.  One of the things that made me most happy to return to, was the air conditioning. There are many countries that don’t have air conditioning unless you are rich. Many of those countries have very warm and humid and there isn’t the luxury of turning a thermostat and changing the temperature inside.  I love knowing that I can home to a home where the thermostat is there and I can just turned a small dial and have refreshing air conditioning. I was talking to one woman whom I told about my AC. I told her that the AC was on, even while I was gone. I had a pet in my home, and it needed the air conditioning.  My sister came over three times a day to make sure he had someone to play with. She would feed him and take him for walks. I knew that he was safe and comfortable. The woman was totally shocked to hear that I was so ‘rich’ as to be able to have air conditioning just for my dog. This in itself made understand just how blessed I was to live where air conditioning was not just for the very rich.

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