HVAC fights over and over

I get so fed up listening to homeowners whine about upgrading aspects of their home.  Realtors definitely don’t make these suggestions to be unhelpful. Actually, realtors usually make these recommendations to attempt to create the most sellable property possible.  Many homeowners who want to sell their house simply don’t understand this dynamic or don’t care. They view a realtor as simply someone who only wants more commission. The heating as well as cooling confrontations are the worst.  Fortunately, they don’t happen all that often in my work. But, when they do, they can be doozies for sure. I understand replacing a heating as well as A/C system is an expensive project for anyone. Realtors don’t make these types of recommendations lightly though.  So, when a heating as well as A/C warrants replacing, that is the recommendation I give, and you can guarantee it’s necessary. I often try to position the seller in the buyer’s mindset. They are not looking to live somewhere which is full of old appliances, especially ones that affect air quality.  Buyers are particularly wary of old heating as well as A/C systems. And who can honestly blame them? If the seller doesn’t want to comply to replacement or remodeling suggestions, he or she should consider selling at rock bottom prices. The heating as well as A/C system should be a gem or a go to aspect of any seller’s home.  Any buyer, in their right mind, would walk away from some dilapidated heating and A/C unit. Along with good floors, entryways, as well as staging, the heating as well as A/C should be a selling element. The heating and A/C system can not be a selling deterrent. Maybe I’m done with the heating and A/C confrontation. Perhaps, I’ll just put it all down with stats in a brochure form.  That might be more convincing to the skeptics.